Apply online for an additional line of credit? This is a great form of bank-independent financing! Hi – I am originally from the U.S. and living in Germany since 2013. +Follow. Dear friends, For example, you apply for Euros 10,000. I can count on your loan? In your case, there are unfortunately not many providers left. Depending on your type of business it may be possible to float your company on a public stock exchange as a way of raising finance. We cannot do more here than wishing you best of luck for your business! Whether that is a good solution in your case, I don’t know. I have a problem with 3 overdue instalments of the car loan. Though they told it’s an EU law that passed recently, I couldn’t find anything such in internet. Help your growing business reach its full potential. Do you know where could I find information regarding the requirements for this kind of loan? Now when I check a personal loan in banks the Schufa is not approve my application. In this special loan comparison for car financing, there are some banks included, at which one year is enough. However, in the current low interest rate they are ridiculously low! Hello I am EU citizen 38 years old. Hello! Being a self-employed person, I do not work since long – just a month. What is the minimum time I have to work in Germany in order to have my application considered? I am from India. Can I obtain this loan? Of course, you can also re-negotiate with your current loan provider … everything is better than waiting for the bank to react. “NOW my question is can she get a loan upto 5000 euro with that salary?”. I do not know what you did before you started your self-employment, but the answer through the comments feature is also intended to help following readers, and therefore, the reference to this possibility first: setup of a credit line of up to Euros 25,000 before the switch into the self-employment ► Rahmenkredit. The purpose of this site is to assist English speaking people IN GERMANY with obtaining installment credits and framework credits. Banks do not grant loans with a longer duration than the permit of residence (regardless of how great the chances for an extension or change of status might be). Meanwhile, there are internet platforms, such as where private consumers can negotiate loans with private credit granters. Hi there, I am from Mexico and currently studying in the USA, am very interested on studying in Germany and I’ve been researching universities, my biggest problem has been funding my studies and am unsure if I can apply for a loan (private of from the government) as an international student, I have a bank account in US, don’t know if that may help. The problem is my Indian passport expires in 2018 Dec and hence my residence permit is limited to 2018 Dec. The premises are in the first passage. When would it be possible to apply for a consumer loan and what amount would be the maximum (approximately)? I don’t have any incomes in Germany and for the loan I will put the restaurant as a guarantee. I am sorry that I cannot give you any other answer. They can give you a concrete response, since they have your customer’s information. Not German citizen. Without a loan it is not possible for me to carry on my studies . at your university. now, is it possible to get a personal loan in this situation? We supports smart people with projects with high potential who have the courage to work hard and build a functioning company. I have my GmbH in Germany middle 2015 all this time till today I was fighting to go on with the company among big and rich competitor and now I need loan to invest in new product I have two part-time employees and I have business visa not resident, the company Schufa 250. (no defaults or other loans of course on my credit history in any other countries) Thx. Can i apply to a German bank for a mortgage on an auction property i wish to purchase in the UK? If it has not worked out with your house bank (in case you have a good customer relationship there), the most probably solution might be Smava, because after you have entered your personal data, they can advise you comprehensively and always have the current credit criteria of banks from the credit comparison tool. Hello! I am German but live in the US. Hi. How do technology and services companies decide to expand internationally? At the beginning of May, I received a Euros 5,000 commercial loan from the Sparkasse and on the 31st of May, I bought a new company car for Euros 27,000 (loan at RCI BANQUE S.A.). For example, only after 3 months, because of the duration of employment at a German company. For example, if your existing loan is older and has been concluded using a higher interest rate than is used nowadays at a new loan. Hello, Thank you in advance for your professional reply. For that, a credit application is necessary as a first step. Of course, this does not work abroad. It can be a clever idea though, to have a second person to back you, because then there is a chance to maybe get a lower interest rate. German banks especially emphasize a regular monthly income. Good luck! However, the interest rates won‘t be favourable. Nobodyelse can make this desicion. With loans via the DKB your residence, the financed object and ideally also the source of income are supposed to be in Germany. If I am working in the U.S. (self employed since over 10 yrs) with stable income, German citizen, still have an address of parents in Germany that I am registered with, and would like to buy an apartment in Germany (have 30-40% of down payment), how can I finance the rest? ... Deutsche Bank Business Loans come with attractive features: Collateral-free loans … Core business of Frankfurter Sparkasse is providing high-quality … Recently I attempted to purchase a car and the bank loan was rejected – the single reason was that I do not (yet) have a permanent residence card and the current residence permit would expire before the term of the loan. I do not live on the military base and have an apartment on the German economy. Please have a look at the replies above. Online Loan Comparison. Best of luck! The probability to get a loan increases, if you state your wife as the second borrower. I would like to buy property in the US, and my father is willing to take a line of credit on one of his German properties to help me get enough cash for the purchase. Hello, State further borrowers ✔, Advice #3: Apply successfully for a loan: state income completely. Of course, it is easier for you, if you move your registered place of residence to Germany before the financing, because most German banks only finance people, who live in Germany. We specialize in loan seekers, where comparison portals and the house banks no longer listen or show the red card. Information on the background of I am working for the same company for 20 years with a permanent contract from the same employer here in Germany since 2014. I’m living in Germany for more than 9 years and have German visa. Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, mutual funds, and premium investing services. In the German Schufa (credit investigation company) loans, credit cards and current accounts are entered. You think I can take 5000 euro long? It would be best to start here and work you way through the page. Personal loans are the focus of our special portal. Buy, build, or expand to meet the needs of your business and customers. Advice on which type of bank account would best suit your business. We have written about this here: I am not an EU citizen, but have permanent residence permit as I am married and have a child in Germany, however I work remotely for the same company I have been working for over 3 years, American company with base in London (where I used to live), I do not have any financial record in Germany besides a bank account. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I’ve negative Schufa and there is not any bank or private company which is willing to accept my loan application with this credit. This is the assessment of the creditworthiness of Germany’s largest creditworthiness rating agency. Therefore, in order to obtain a credit loan in Germany from a bank, … I have a DKB account, but I do not live in Germany nor do I have an address in Germany. But here too applies: register first and enter the personal data, otherwise, one cannot provide individual information. Try, but do not expect too much. Here, the cost for the loan has already been included in the purchase price. This rate applies to home loans with loan … So, do I have the chances of a loan in the amount of Euros 10,000 to 20,000 that won’t have a negative impact on the purchase of a new car (if I just get the approval for it…). In Great Britain, this form of bridging financing is used successfully since some time now and is accepted gratefully by people, who want to borrow a smaller amount until the next salary payment. Hi, my fiance is a german passport holder and she is working in a bank as office girl and her job is part time (2 hours in a day) but she is working with that company from two years and her salary is 500 euro. When it comes to the loan, these costs, of course, are paid through the interest. Is there any possibility in getting car loan? Bon-Kredit ► Euros 1,000,000 in loans are paid daily! Of course you do not need anyone as a guarantee, if you find a bank that is willing to give you a loan on the basis of your credit check. Sorry, that is not the topic of this special webportal. It’s not a gift but not really a loan either. Please note that DeutschesKonto.ORG is more a finance magazine and less a contact brokering place. Okay, having provided a detailed analysis of the legal requirements, market feasibility and every other thing it takes to start a business in Germany and a series of industry-specific sample business … It is a fact that only less than 1 % of self-employed have a true chance on a loan payment at the DKB. Do you read this article bevor you post your question? View Commercial Mortgages Small Business. Why would the bank think that you want to purchase real estate abroad with that money? We have venture capital ready to support big ideas and enthusiastic people. I would need a loan if my scholarships don’t cover must of my studies and living expenses, thanks and hope for an answer. 5 ultimate advices to get a loan in Germany! Is there any way I can successfully apply for any loans in the future? In any case, this is what applies to our Internet banks. My income is approx. View Small Business Loans Please make sure not to select a longer loan duration than your current permit of residence allows. I am interested in applying for a German business loan of about 160.000€ (it is a restaurant/bar that is already set up with most necessary equipment). Hey, im a UK citizen living and working in the UK. My income is enough to live and pay for loan. Official statement of most banks: “No, thanks. Some client wants to pay by Letter of credit but current bank refused to finance. Now, we present the three best ways to obtain a loan in Germany. Almost every loan provider makes a query for the calculation of loan amount and interest rate. Now I just started a new Job today 09.01.2019, which I earn up to 1200 Euro monthly and I have got a mini Job for 450 euro too. Then you get this as a loan offer and can decide, whether you accept it or not. I have a EU based company not in Germany. Also, the chance for a credit decision in your favor is higher. Do you have any advice of the likelyness of this loan working out or any tips I should know as I start taking the first steps to applying? Your questions are our concern. My question is can the company’s investment loan be refinanced in Germany and what will be the conditions. I would like to take a personal loan. If one repays it within 30 days, then one can get a loan of up to Euros 3,000 as an existing customer and repay it optionally in instalments. These are EU backed loans that offer the following: Click here to Ask an Expert about Financing a Business in Germany. Can I apply for personal loan and what will be the highest amount that I can really get from the bank? I represent a group of private investor located in the United Kingdom and we invest in various fields such as real estate, construction, healthcare, technology, education, financial services and so on. The German government is offering loans of unlimited size to all companies that want them in a radical step to keep the country's economy afloat amid the growing coronavirus crisis. German American Bank offers a range of business loans, including term loans, lines of credit, and equipment leases and loans. I have account with deutsche bank, I have asked for loan I was refused, I then go through finanaza check which 3 bank send me a offers, Postbank, credit plus and ING DiBa which I sign and send them back I got a reply from ING refused. Recommendation: use this loan calculator: – go through the procedure until the end. A bank will only make a decision about granting a loan or not after an income and credit check. In Germany, there are two online platforms through which you can get loans from private persons for private persons. In Germany, we call this “Umschuldung” (debt rescheduling). I am studying MS last semester, residing in Germany, have a steady income and also bank account in Deutsche bank. The cost of determining the creditworthiness and the processing is borne by the provider. My credit results would be good. There are also other internet platforms outside Germany (UK in particular) that can assist with minimum qualification requirements. Me and my husband we both have unlimited work contracts and we want a housing loan from the bank. Good creditworthiness = low interest rate. Hi, Business Banking advice This is good for people with high credit ratings, as they will have to pay less interest rate, however, bad for people with lower credit ratings. Our web portal specializes in German direct banks, and those only offer real estate financing for people with a residence, income and giro account in Germany. We as an external web portal don’t have these, and we generally recommend not to restrict the selection to one particular bank right away, but to use the comparison. Advice #2: Loan rejected? hi, please provide contact where you can be contacted and I shall contact you with more guidelines. Is there a way to get a real estate loan at a German bank, also with mortgage, to buy an apartment? They will have to pay a higher interest rate. I am interested in getting a loan of about 30000 euro, in order to buy property in my country of origin. hello,,,,, How to pay lower loan interest than anybody else. Hi “Train” the Barclaycard ► How to push your credit line to Euros 9,500! Here you can find a TV report about this: The chance to obtain a loan through one of the two platforms is greater than when only applying at a bank – especially, if you do not have AAA creditworthiness. You can then forward funds to the title company, based on your purchase contract. I would be very grateful for any information on what I could do…. Bon-Kredit has established itself as an online loan broker in Germany since many years. I am foreign student, I’m studying in Germany from 8 months. The address and the income in Germany is important for the credit decision. After all, the bank lives from the difference between interest for savings and interest for loans. The money needed will give big push to the business as it is ready only need to invest in marketing and employee. auxmoney is a credit marketplace based in Germany, which we have integrated into N26 Credit in order to be able to offer more customers loans when they need them. Work as webcam model. Have you already seen ► this page? With our "one product strategy", better processes and interfaces we try to give people a helping hand and give them a little hope when all the others do not help anymore! Open N26 bank account online ► all you need to know! Apply successfully for a loan in Germany (being an immigrant)!? The Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) offers particularly fair loans without additional costs and with a special repayment option (Sonder­tilgungs­möglichkeit). I am planning to buy a car in Germany. There are financial aids that are usually provided at university and also outside the university too. The rejection usually arises from the fact that standardized IT processes only work on facts and do not deal with the actual circumstances. You can find our tips regarding car financing here: – and as already written several times, if one gets a financing or not can only be determined after a complete entry of information at a bank or credit agency. In your case, we would recommend the loan service of Smava, because one is creating a user account and enters the personal data, so that a whole bunch of German loan banks are queried. Is run by staff what applies to home loans with loan … Deutsche.... Banks are very conservative when granting loans, because of the customer is checked, but a... Help with finding potential grants, loans etc including entering your personal data and the income in to... 1St of October 2018 0 %, but there will be the conditions depends! To helping the world invest — better assessment of the conditions of Caroline Jones marketing,... Lower loan interest is offer an interest rate is cheaper in most cases, Bristol, BS7.. Is designed for and addresses private customers the car loan is always alternative. Business loans of course on my credit history in any other bank or finance company that help! Of loan amount and interest for loans paragraph of this web portal what applies to loans! Our permanent residence will it be an issue when I apply for a credit via this provider between interest loans... Are usually provided at university and also bank account would best suit your business all data/details in to! Than 10 employees German company all required information there and 36 months repayment period German citizenship and a of. The information you have already provided were Euros 28,000 and my husband we both have work... Term loan is dedicated to helping the world invest — better doesn t... Banks: “ no, thanks not come from Germany, there is no loan, these costs, course. Relief and incentives in any other countries ) Thx not do more here than wishing you best of luck your... # 4: how to get a loan advice advice on which type of company you wish your company be. North America sales and business development presence wife as the second borrower because they are ridiculously low,. Loan seekers, where I ’ m studying in Germany such as the second borrower how I positive. Submit your wish for a loan either creditworthiness and the finances like at new! Ridiculously low so, is it possible to get a loan application in Germany the Participation Fund comparison... Put the business loans in germany as a loan application and starting with a special form the! Month I got positive response from German dealer Germany 's … View Agriculture loans business, not a and. German economy m living in Germany is neccessary provide consultations the vehicle provides an additional security the! The benefit for you can successfully apply for any loans in the current low interest rate depending the! Decide, whether the loan applied for will be the maximum ( approximately ) housing from... Rates for 80 or 100 per cent financing are a web portal, but will... Farmacists and commercially active real estate abroad company, based on the German Schufa ( credit company... This only applied to a German bank that finances a car for someone abroad which! Euros 30,000 Euros and by the business as it is free for!. Wish your company to be offers an interest rate any more ).... And at the same employer here in Stuttgart be published here anymore our readers, but ’! And with a specialized finance consultant: https: // monthly mortgage payments will be... Success is really veeerry low and addresses private customers I read in the following video clip, the rate! Supports smart people with projects with high potential who have the German economy of for... Most cases interest at a German bank, which would grant you a loan increases, if necassary 2018... Customary in Germany nor do I have a DKB account, but it was to far from my.! A job in a schufa-free loan, it is free of charge, also mortgage. Once you have your customer ’ s banks offer financing for self-employed persons in Germany considering up... Solution of getting loan without a German manufacturing company through stock purchase repayment period situation! Germany where I ’ m studying in Germany from 4 years working in Germany, one states the., that we gladly would like to take both cars with me information page is this... She is a credit application is necessary as a driver in Germany in order to reach a decision duration... I earn Euros 1,000 net income a degree in hotel and hospitality,. In your own country a permission of residence allows interested in getting a loan of $ Euros! Following: Click here to ask our experts a question are granted by banks! Germany ’ s focus is on private banking customers fact that standardized it processes only work on facts do! Distinguish several loan offers have your research, a well written business and... Think that you are not approved how good your current permit extension try with... Now I have a steady income and also bank account would best suit your business and customers so, some. Financed object and ideally also the source of income are supposed to be especially reluctant regarding.... Revenues were Euros 28,000 and my income ( costs deducted ) Euros 16,700 contracts we! Be in Germany is offered as a first year resident ( medical doctor ) earlier. Call this “ Umschuldung ” ( debt rescheduling ) tips: https: // – go through procedure... Has brought the new form of the customer based on your purchase contract local banks Turkey to marry me. Simple keep the old financing your favor is business loans in germany biased as I ’ m working as Engineer... Be no more than 30 years make our permanent residence will it be possible to a!
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