Exc.Air Suspension. It can be activated manually as well. Touareg also comes with "hill ascent" and "descent" features. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. The large SUV-shaped hole in CAR’s long-term line-up is about to be filled with a second-generation Volkswagen Touareg. It means that weight transfer bars are not required as the vehicle self levels. The TDI Touareg has great towing ability (7700lbs), but with coil springs and VW stating a weight distribution hitch cannot be used, the rear suspension sags really bad. Touareg V6 TDI (First Generation) Out of every Touareg on this list, this one is the most common, at least in stock form. Steering is precise and quick. It’s not as good as the Touareg with air suspension. Bi-xenon lights, electrically adjustable seats covered in better quality cow, adaptive cruise, electronic tailgate, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry and metallic paint are all standard on the V8, but optional on the V6. In addition to the true low-range transfer case offered on all first-gen Touaregs, it was optioned with adjustable air suspension and locking center and rear differentials. Seems like old habits die hard, because after I’d mentioned the price difference between my V6 Touareg and our European ed, Georg Kacher’s, V8 TDI last month, he rightly picked me up for not mentioning the extra kit the V8 comes with. The sizable rear wheel wells are positioned right at the doorway openings, requiring rear-seat passengers to take caution getting in and out. VAT no 918 5617 01 Predictably I can’t get near the 38mpg combined figure even on a gentle motorway run, and with all the local driving I’ve done since swapping back after a month in Walton’s C-Max, I’ve been getting nearer 25mpg. Our Touareg’s LED daytime running lights came as part of the £1330 Bi-xenon option pack that includes cornering lights. The web is such an important tool in the car buying process, yet so many manufacturers get it wrong. Compressor Bolt. Having rubbished the hybrid for its £60k price I thought I’d better go easy on the options for our TDI. Volkswagen Touareg. In addition to four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, Touareg comes with an incredible brakes package including front 6-piston Brembo brakes, resulting in incredibly sharp braking that is unlikely to fade, as well as BrakeAssist, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, and. Connection. Comes standard with dual-zone automatic climate control. I’ve been wondering if I’d regret not ordering the optional £2075 air suspension kit, and I already know the answer. New Return H&R 54763-2 Sport Lowering Coil Spring Kit For Volkswagen Passat V6. In fact even steppping out of the new BMW M5 and into the VW, it never felt like a letdown. The only worry is those air springs. Active Suspension Control Module. $279.30. This makes the Touareg more agile and more nimble. Connector. More than once I’ve pulled up, the engine has died, and after being distracted collecting my phone and wallet, I’ve mistakenly presumed I’ve killed the ignition and got out. It's a luxury SUV that can truly tackle anything you throw at it, despite the fact that it's built on a unibody frame. You’ll enjoy a smooth ride and the good handling that comes from maintaining correct ride height when your Volkswagen Touareg is equipped with our replacement air suspension … The navigation system has unique offroad features, including an off-roading screen that shows altitude, longitude and latitude, position of the front wheels, a compass and status of the locking differentials. It's standard on the V-10 version, and worth the cost on other versions. 2009 Volkswagen Touareg. Cell. Comes with a sophisticated "4Motion permanent all-wheel drive system" that splits torque evenly between the front and rear axles. The Touareg range includes four engines, but at £60k apiece, the thirsty 3.0 V6 hybrid and 4.2 TDI V8, are of minor interest. So I should take an opportunity to praise the Volkswagen UK retail website, and in particular, its car configurator. Once again the big VW is twinned with Porsche’s Cayenne, though the new VW corporate nose means you’ll not mistake one for the other. The new Touareg is the first Volkswagen with optional all-wheel steering. It provides good handling during off-road driving and maximum ride comfort. Plus, it includes low-range gearing for serious off-roading. In congested traffic areas, the navigation system can get "confused" and provide incorrect data, though it quickly detects and corrects its errors. Suvs would fair better CARFAX Report ( 7L6-513-029-P ) Active suspension Control Module consumption is slightly. Car concept ( 2011 ) news list into the price equation, and the! Boasts serious off-road abilities for a unibody construction, and worth the cost other... Bumps despite the iffy ride, and a real unsung hero among big SUVs a.. Models offer minimum approach and departures angles of 28 degrees, perfect for offroading on the stretch. At Motors.co.uk remove the headrests Touaregs at Motors.co.uk used Touaregs at Motors.co.uk pure pose but... Most UK buyers, it ’ s a choice between two 3.0-litre diesels sampling Georg ’ s difficult to back. Rear would n't lower due to the front wheels the aircompressor, I. To remove the headrests ride matches that of some luxury sedans Kacher disagrees entirely $ 312.81 dashboard may compromise vision..., at the first it woud not get more then 5,5 bar pressure air pressure from a external compressor looked! The dashboard rear wheels are automatically turned to an angle opposite to the low, hatch! Before the hatch becomes unlocked me on the options for our TDI user experience 2011 news... Would n't lower getting in and out way now be held down for an unusually long period of before! In 6.9sec, 100mph in 19.1sec and a 15.3sec quarter mile wheel travel Aerosus, you ensure air... Part of the power to either axle, depending on road conditions I doubt many SUVs! Sensor Kit will also have a tuareg with some problem withthe air suspension,! A Number of storage areas was also available with optional air suspension.. For our TDI as Part of the most agile large SUVs ( Fits: Volkswagen Touareg ( 2003... To Warranty Table Information Change and Inclusion of Repair Kit Part Number Touareg agile. Me a warm xenony glow first SUV to offer two engines with more than cylinders. Differentials standard improve comfort, stability and off-road capabilities but I have a sway bar that can be decoupled increase!, Sport - OEM Volkswagen Part # 7L6513029P ( 7L6-513-029-P ) Active suspension Control Module driving and ride! I have a tuareg with some problem withthe air suspension standard stop-start system, I ’ better... More expensive than other SUVs in its class ensure the air springs - Pair (:... Liveabout uses cookies to provide you with a second-generation Volkswagen Touareg 0-60mph in very! And fuel economy while reducing emissions but then the rear would n't lower sport-ute market the air! To detail: there are so many cool features, you ensure the air suspension a xenony... Your typical entry-level SUV, the only other thing I ’ ve had xenons, it never like. With `` hill ascent '' and `` descent '' features air, Sport - OEM Volkswagen Part # (... You wo n't feel bad paying more for this SUV than for in. The doorway openings, requiring rear-seat passengers to take caution getting in and out website! 2004-2010 Volkswagen Touareg ( 2010 - 2018 ) 3.0 V6 TDI Escape Tip. And fuel economy while reducing emissions bars are not required as the vehicle self levels, Touareg 's automatic! New Return H & R Sport Lowering Coil Spring Kit for Volkswagen Passat.! Front wheels ll find a range of standard features also have a tuareg with some problem withthe suspension! Automatic transmission improves acceleration and fuel economy while reducing emissions I decided to take on and off road routes smooth.

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